Programming & Database Development

HANDS-ON Consultations
provides program development including database design, generation, forms, queries and reports.  HOC can assist in the design and tailoring of new and/or existing programs to fit your specific requirements.  Following are just a few examples of projects we’ve assisted with.

For Automotive Racing Products (ARP) of Santa Paula and Ventura, CA, we’ve developed a number of databases which allow for tracking of parts.  More recently we’ve developed a “Master Database” built on the Microsoft SQL platform.  This all-encompassing tool is a ‘living program’ and continually enhanced and built upon to integrate all existing and new operations in a central, easy to use, and Server accessible platform.  Miscellaneous items may be queried by Part Number, or any key identifier. and identified when they were made, when/where they were shipped, etc.  Reports are also available based on specific search parameters for summaries and misc. reviews.

We also developed a Packing application for shipping procedures.  Versus manual documentation, all items are assigned UPC bar codes. They are then scanned with hand-held scanners as packed.  The application generates shipping labels with detailed information for package contents.  Additionally, a printout is retained for referencing orders at later dates.

A key program development we’ve created is a SQL interface between WorldShip, FedEx, and client MAS shipping features for cross platform automated input/updates.  Entries transition across the platforms eliminating human input error and redundant effort of entering in multiple locations is eliminated.  The one time build eliminates need for third part add-ons which also encompass monthly and annual renewals, now a thing of the past for this process.

In addition we’ve assisted with program modifications for 4D “Jobtrack” application which provides shop floor tracking for parts movement. Automated emails for status, stalling of jobs, and bar code scanning integration are all supported.

We also support this client with SAGE MAS Accounting application. We’ve performed the version upgrades, data migration including imports and exports, credit card processing integration, specialized reports, and automated payroll functions.

For Pleasant Valley Water District we designed, developed, and created a new Windows based, menu drive application.  This program migrated customer data, billing info, meter reading processes, reports etc. from a DOS-based format to a SQL based application.  The users time has been cut by an estimated 75% for monthly billing activities!

For Nyland Acres Mutual Water Company we designed, developed, and create procedures for migrating from a manual meter reading and physical entry to automated processes.  The process allows for button clicks to export/import to accounting program for a streamlined process eliminating extended labor and human error.  This process was created to allow for use of existing tools where possible vs. full re-development in a cost saving practice for client.

For Alamar Healthcare we performed configurations/setup/integration for HIPPA compliant Patient Access portal. This feature allows the practice to share Patient information in a SECURE, SAFE, CERTIFIED environment. Patients are provided login credentials and can save review their medical information.

For Rose Avenue Family Medical Group (RAFMG), we set up an online portal for sending/receiving all Fax correspondence. Not to be confused with other third party FAX service, this tool actually integrates to the internal company medical program and allows for direct import/export of information from/to faxes. Of course it is secure and aligns with all HIPPA compliancy requirements.

For Management in Food and Nutrition Services (MFNS) we created a ‘web portal’ for members only login. Users credentials are validated and successful login allows for access of “Members Only” feature such as Newsletter, Listserve Access, Internal Contact information, etc. We can provide such services for ANY client web site requiring such secure/security access.

For Sunkist, Inc., we created an ONLINE SQL based program for Sunkist Sales personnel. Items are ordered via a ‘shopping cart’ like tool. Product orders auto-submit to appropriate ordering personnel who initial actual product shipment. Orders may be back reference via online log and multiple reports for Sales personnel and products are available. All accessible via password protected portal via web browser interface.

For West Coast Cosmetics of Chatsworth, CA we provided program development utilizing Microsoft Access for a start to finish tracker, inventory, and product production application. Product is tracked from the moment it is unloaded from the truck at company shipping dock, through production of various cosmetic products, to the shipment of the final product. In addition, Master formulas allow product engineers to enter product and material amounts, costs, etc. and the job requirements are automatically presented for preparation of the job.